Active Technology in Villages
"a company of people using technology to help villages have a better life"
We are made up of volunteers from different ministries and other non-profit organizations

Home water Purification
"Bio-sand Filter"
These amazing filters, athough hard to construct will operate at ZERO cost to th
e family and it will produce pure water everyday for years and years.

Ram Pumps
We have developed three different methods
for construction of Ram Pumps.

    1. "The Easy Make" : Made entirely of commercial valves
and standard pipe fittings
    2. "The Infinity" : The CLACK and CHECK valve are made from
standard pipe fittings, but have pieces welded inside of two of the pieces.
    3. "The Rampanpuque Model 1-A" : This is made of
steel tubing easily obtainable worldwide.
It also requires more welding and medal cutting capabilities.

Home Water filters
Home solar panels
Ram pump applications
Drip Irrigation
Food canning
Adobe house construction
Charcoal manufacture
Motorbike Access Trails
Organic fertilizer

The objective and purpose of AcTiV is to help men and women with a business plan for remote villages. A business that not only will support themselves, but will create jobs and bring economic growth to the village.

By using TECHNOLOGY we can improve the agriculture, health, and education of a village thereby making it a better and more prosperous place to live and raise a family.