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December 24, 2010
It's Christmas EVE! It finally got here.

This is a fun day I guess because it is so "looked forward" to.

We have been busy here. We had Leahs birthday party Monday, then Wednesday afternoon the grandchildren and Children came over and Anna and them made Christmas cookies andthen iced them. We had flour all over the table, then icing all around. It was fun.

I built a fire outside on the patio and all us men, me and 5 grandsons sat around and talked camp fire talk.

Then we ordered pizza's and had a nice, good easy dinner.

I think every one had fun. Anna did a great job in keeping everything organized and under control. They must have made over a 100 cookies.

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December 20, 2010
Today is my Granddaughters birthday. But not just any ole birthday, this NUMBER TWENTY ONE !!!.

Leah is a student at Valdosta State University, and we are so very proud of her.

Bo and Parker arrived yesterday from Ft Sill OK, and Fort Riley KS.

Bo had his car at Ft Riley, so he drove down and picked up Parker.

So Tonite, the whole family is here, and we are having a big dinner party for leah here at our house.

good times.

I will post pictures of party later tonite.

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December 17, 2010
Things are really starting to move faster around here as Christmas closes in.

DCold weather came this week, and ugg! it WAS COLD! Duh. It was in the teens a few nights.

I camped out on the back porch two nights during the cold snap. It was great. My sleeping bag is capable of keeping me nice and warm down to around 15 degreees I guess. It is very comfortable camping. I sleep on the porch sofa so it is easy to get up. Not like camping on the ground and not having anything to hold onto to stand up!

The bad part is when on a really cold night, I have to go to the bathroom!!! But the good thing there is I do not have to walk out into the woods!

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December 13, 2010
Saturday Sam and Brody came over and spent the day with us.. We cooked fried chicken on the patio, and built a fire in the firepit.
Then we ate dinner outside, it was really a nice day.

Then Sunday, yesterday, we had Anna Ashley's birthday party at Sunday night supper.
We had her favorite, "pole beans"! plus pork roast and rice and pork,and field peas and bisquits.
Then for her cake Anna made a delicious Italian Cream cake. Man it was good.
Anna Asnley opened her presents after dinner, then after all the presents were over, we watched YOU-TUBE on the TV (from the computer) of Parker going thru Gas chamber training at Fort Sill Oklahoma.

Brody and Sam both took pictures with my camera, and I have included some of them in the photos below.

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December 8, 2010
Today I went to the Dentist office for a regular (?- sort of ) cleaning and checkup.

I don't know what dental scientist have been spending their time on, but developing a x-ray technique that doesn'tmake ME feel like I am gagging and about to choke isn't one of them. They are not thinking of Me!

I just do not do good with that thing stuck in my mouth. And its been that way for years! No improvement at all!!!

But enough of that stuff.

Sam spent the morning with us and then Brody came over for a visit after his school.

Sam was playing like he was taking pictures withan old camera of mine, one that had fallen in a river in a jungle in Honduras, then finishing up in the florida keys.

I then gave him my camera and showed him and Brody how to take pictures.. Brody did much better than Sam, and basically took over!

here are some of there pictures.
first is the "toy box, second, the tree, and third a picture of ornaments on the tree.

I think Brody has a real talent for photography!

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December 6, 2010 it is Monday night so the whole family came over for dinner. We were missing Kenny and Tim, both out of town on business, Parker in Oklahoma in the Army, Bo in kansas in the Army, and Leah in college at Valdosta State.

But we had a goodtime any "who".

I built a fire on the patio, and us men sat around the camp fire before dinner.

After dinner we decorated the tree that Anna and I had gotten on Saturday afternoon.

It was a nice evening, and we now have a beautiful fully decorated tree. some of the ornaments are dated 1965.

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December 4, 2010 here are some photos that of scenes that I have seen in my travels through Southeast Asia, but have been unable to capture in a photo.

It is almost unbelievable what Asians can put on a motor scooter, then drive in rush hour traffic.

I have also seen families on a scooter, Father driving, child in fathers lap, one child sitting on gas tank, mom on back seat nursing an enfant, with a baby strapped on her back. 6 people! No helmet, no seat belt, no child safty seat!

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December 2, 2010 This is an excerpt from my trip in November 2009 to Timbuctou.
We got on the Pinasse at 2. In the meantime, we had met Omar, or rather Omar had met us and became our BFF. He was a tourist guide, but he was returning to his home in TBK and we decided we MAY need him on the boat for 3 days with no English or Spanish speaking people.

Our BEST decision! Omar was a help from the get go. When we boarded, he helped us stake out our area. We did this with our mats. We rolled them out, got on them, and claimed that territory. Our place was on top of bales of cotton, so it was very comfortable. We could not stand up straight in our "room", but it didn't matter, there was no place to go.

If you are wondering - yes, there was a "bathroom". BUT to get to it took about 8 to 10 minutes, and involved climbing outside the boat and walking on the gunwales for a section, then coming back in and swinging fro, bamboo rafters to another section; then you would come to the engine room, and this is where I stopped. I returned to my backpack and took another Imodium!

One time Dan went all the way to the toilet, and he said swinging down into the engine compartment with flywheels and shafts moving and cables jumping around was pretty scary. So scary that his trip to the toilet was in vain!!! very sad.

For lesser activities, we just waited until dark, and took advantage of being on the edge of the boat. But even that was a grueling experience.

All the meals were good, all the same. white rice and some brown gravy on it. And one or two small pieces of meat. Omar ate with us. There were no forks or spoons. We ate in our section, our place, our stateroom, sitting on our mats. --- Omar ate with his fingers, Dan and I used our spoons. Omar cut the meat for us. Having first old us he had just washed his hands (that's in the river with no soap) , he picked up the piece of meat with his right hand and squeezed it into three pieces, then he did the other piece the same. He had to squeeze it because it is not allowed to use your left hand with food. --- praying and eating - we enjoyed our dinner; and the other two meals of the same thing. I had store bought cookies for breakfast, and hot coffee. although the dinners were included in our ticket price, hot water was not. I had to pay for that. But not much, and it was surely worth the 50 cents I paid for hot water. We did get a lot of mint tea free however .

Sleeping was really great. There was a nice breeze and a little boat motion, and we must have slept half the time. The rest of our time was watching the river banks and villages, and the people on a trip.

We arrived TBK early. At midnite. We stayed at Omar's home, on the roof. It was very comfortable, and this morning we had coffee and tea, home cooked fresh bread, we brushed our teeth - halleluya - took a bucket bath - another halleluya! and then began out tour of La city.

Our plans are to ride a camel out into desert and spend the nite in the sand dunes, and return to TBK tomorrow afternoon, and get a hotel room. That's the plan anyway.

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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2010 Well here we are, the week after Thanksgiving. Nothing much going on around here, so not much to tell about. Anna fixed up our home with Christmas decorations. Shedoes a great job.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2010 Well I have missed an entire week. ..... But what a week.

Wednesday, Anna and I and Luke and Hanna, Lukes friend, went to Nancy's.Took us about 5 hours. Hayes and Tim came the next morning, and Anna Ashley, Kenny, John Buck, Leah and Bowil came Wednesday evening.

Luke, hanna, Leah, John Buck and me all put up tents and camped out.

Ben Scurry and Daniel Scurry, my nephews - nancy's sons, and their family was there, and Nancys daughter Mary and her family were there. That was a bunch of people, plus some neighbors.

We had a lot of VEERY good food, and really had a wonderful time all throught the day.

In the afternoon we had a white elephant gift time, following a "talent show" ..... we are not a very talented group!

That night we had a bon fire, and the weather was just perfect.

The next day, Friday, it was raining when I woke up about 6 a.m. in my tent, butit was not cold.

After breakfast, Luke and I folded the tents up wet and justput them in the back of my car. When I got home I put them on my back porch sothey could all dry out.

THEN on Sunday morning, our whole family came over to our home early and we had a great breakfast birhtday party for ME!

After breakfast, Bo and I left and I drove Bo up to Atlanta to catch a plane back to hisArmy post at Fort Riley Kansas.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2010 This morning I got up early , about 6:30, to get all our stuff ready for the trip to Nancy and Ralph's. They live in Callison, S.C.
Callison is not listed on goodle world maps, or in GPS's, so to get directions you need to type in Bodl Spring Baptist Church. Its listed and is only a short distance from Nancy's.

Under ideal conditions, all of us go to Nancy's for Thanksgiving. This year however, Adam and Christine, with thier children, Brody and Sam, will go to Christines family in Ashville N.C.. We will surely miss them.

But the highlightof the year is that Bo Eunice, our oldest grandson will be able to come.

Bo hasn't been here on Thanksgiving in 4 years! He was in Italy for two and Afghanistan for one, Fort Benning for one (basic training).

this year Parker is in Basic Training.

I am very proud of my grandsons!

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This morning me and Bill Mclean went for our almost daily walk. After the walk, Anna called me, she was at Glorias, our hair stylest person, and said that I needed to come up there now, and cut a haircut in her reserved time and she would switch hers to 4:30. So, Bill and I cut out visit short, and I went uptown and got a haircut.

Then I headed back to Thomasville to get my drivers license. It was closed yesterday , Monday.

I figured by 10:30 the morning rush would be over and the lunch crowd would not have arrived.


How many people have birthdays in November!
The line was out the door.

Budget restraints etc, they only had 2 - 3 people working and 7 work stations.

It took a little over two hours to get my license, but now I'm good to go for 5 years. It was also nice to get the Veterans license - FREE.

A friend of mind from High School, Carol Parker, was there, and it was nice to visit with him.
He was 2 people ahead of me in line. He was getting a renewal on his motorcycle license .

Well not soon after they had called the number just before his, he was next, an officer called and said whoever has a red motorcylcle to come move it NOW!

So Carol got up and as soon as he was outside they called his number.
I told the lady he would be right back , but they just skipped his number and switched to a whole new set of numbers!
Both of sat there another 30 minutes before we got our license.
In the afternoon I worked for Phil, Deliveries in Moultrie, Pelham and Camilla.
Phil does teeth stuff for dentist.

The route takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, 3 times a week, and I enjoy it.

At 7 p.m. we met Jerry and Evelyn Vereen for dinner at Applebees. We had a very enjoyable time of good conversations and had a very good dinner.

Back home we started getting stuff ready for our trip tomorrow to Nancy's for Thanksgiving.
all for today.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2010 This morning I went up to the County Annex and paid the taxes on our two cars. One of the good things about owning "older" cars are the yearly taxes! So I take comfort in that fact, plus insurance is also a lot less!
After paying county/state automobile taxes, I had to go to Thomasville to renew my state Drivers License. I checked the internet to find out what time they opened, 8:00 a.m., and went this morning. What I did not read on the internet was that they are open Tuesday through Friday!
I was in the mood to get my license and didn't mind at all. NOW, however I am dreading the trip back down there tomorrow or on Wednesday. ...but , no matter how I feel about it, it is something that I have to do, so I will try to do it cheerfully!

Today we went to churh at NCC in Thomasville. This afternoon was very pleasant.
We watched an old movie on TLC channel, and I built a new shelf in my porch closet while watching the movie on the porch. Anna watched the movie from the Kitichen, she was making a red Velvet cake.

Dianne, our neighbor came over and brought her new Beau to introduce him to us. He is very nice and they seem to be very happy.

Then I went for a walk, and about 6:30 Adam and Christine brought over Brody and Sam for us to keep while they went to their church group meeting. We had a good time with the boys and enjoyed them very much.

Also today, and the MOST important thing on this date ---- Parker left for the US Army! Quite dramatic for all of us. He is going to basic training out in Oklahoma. He will be training for the Patriot Missle.
One of the pictures is of Parkers current pair of civilian shoes! With winter coming on, I guess its a good thing he is joining the Army! They have good socks and boots.

Today I will experiment around with this blog page and try to get photos so they can first appear small then when someone clicks on them they enlarge.

Well I'm not doing very well with my daily blog! Its been over two weeks since my last entry.
I do better with daily entries into my blog when I'm overseas seeing new stuff everyday, and wanting to share the experiences I see and live thru each day.
I have enjoyed the last few weeks. Had family to eat two times, and had friends over for dinner two nights.
Monday night we had a Thanksgiving dinner because Parker White, the son of my daughter Hayes, is leaving for the Army this coming Saturday!
Today Anna an I went to NCC church. We went to Sunday School, Mike Folsom teachesthe class and it is very interesting and a good lesson each week.
Then returning home we had a nice easy Sunday afternoon doing "not much"!
Adam and Christine came over for a visit about 5. They are going to their home group meeting tonite at Heritage church, and we keep our two grandsons while they attend.
We enjoy keeping Brody 3 and Sam 2.
Today is Haloween. We have nothing planned for the day, and nothing for tonight.
Our neigbor hood is having a "garage sale" today.
I went out to get the paper this mornng at 6:30 and my neighbors already were out setting up there tables and stuff.
I walked over and spoke to everyone, and then saw a radio at a table of stuff Ruby had for sale. She had a radio that looked kinda old, but did have FM on the dial. I asked her did it work? I shouldn't have asked that! She said "OF Course it works"!
Although i believed her, she said I could test it at Diannes house. Dianne had a plug out on her back porch.
I plugged it in, nothing! but then it started, I realized that the radio uses "TUBES"!
Can you imagine!
But man does it work good.
The radio picks up about 10 or more fm stations, compared to the one I have that picks up 2 stations, both ion Moultrie.
This morning Bill and I walked up town to see an antique car show on the courthouse square.
It was really interesting. It was about 40 cars from 1913 and earlier, and some of them were simply beautiful!
After visiting with the owners and other spectators, Bill and I went down to the pool room and had a chili hotdog, hamburger with onions and pickles, and a Coca Cola. After lunch we walked down main street to my house, a mile away. We had walked to town on the "walking trail", that we have in Moultrie. Its an old railroad track that has been turned into a walkway. Its about 6 miles or so long.
Today I drove down to NCC to meet the pastor and set up my new display board.
I forgot to go to Hospital and have my blood checked while fasting!
I will do that in the morning.
here are some pictures from my travels.
After I returned from Thomasville, where NCC is, I went to Bills house.
Its a longway out of Moultrie, but it was closer coming up from T'ville. I turned at Coolidge and went back roads to his house. ,br>I helped him remove a large long ladder he had used to change outdoor lights on his house.
After that we went for a 35 minute walk. I was in my flip flops and dicided it was good chance to test out how they did on a long walk. It was no problem.